Short Stories


  1. Not Bossa
  2. Unwritten Hymn
  3. Derivatives
  4. Mr JT
  5. Who Can I Turn To?
  6. Buster Keaton
  7. Islands of Men
  8. Another Waltz
  9. One More Blues
  10. For Palle
  11. Short Story
  12. Too Young To Go Steady
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Gareth Williams


This recording is, as Gareth writes in his notes ‘…a significant departure from my other CDs.’  Ten original tunes with the trio and two standards from Gareth explore a range of music that venture beyond jazz idioms and as John Fordham states in his sleeve for the album, ‘… this beautifully played and emotionally open album, represent a step-change for Gareth Williams, the polymathic Welsh pianist, guitarist and composer who leads it. True to its title, ‘Short Stories’ unveils succinctly vivid glimpses of what musics of many kinds, within the jazz loop and outside it, have meant to this modestly masterly artist over a lifetime of close listening as well as dazzling performance…’


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