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  1. Blues Minor
  2. Intro
  3. Body and Soul
  4. Intro
  5. EJ’s Blues
  6. Oriental Folk Song
  7. Intro
  8. Three Car Molly
  9. Intro
  10. After the Rain
  11. Intro
  12. Passion Dance
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Tubby Hayes Quartet

Featuring: Mick Pyne, Ron Matthewson & Tony Levin

Tubby Hayes was one of the most accomplished and charismatic jazz musicians Britain has even produced. Although he died aged 37, sometime after an unsuccessful open heart surgery, he has become a legend and a big influence on many musicians. In 1967 his newly formed quartet worked long and hard with tours, record dates and broadcasts three of which are showcased in this CD including Humphrey Lyttelton’s links and a short interview with Tubby. This CD captures probably the best of his quartets at peak form.

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